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Starlit evening walks

Day 1 in Dharamshala and we walked from our hotel to the nearest and the only market in this small town. The shortest way between the same was a steep, narrow road. A few seconds on this road and we noticed how dark the road was. Even though it was a dark way, it didn’t feel unsafe for a second. After a few minutes of a tiring climb on this steep road, I stopped on the side with my hands on my knees and out of breath. I turned on my right and saw the most beautiful, breathtaking sight. A hundred lights twinkling at a distance. The lights could not be distinguished from the stars because that’s how close the stars looked. A look at the sky above me and I went speechless. The stars seemed just a jump away. I wanted to climb on the tallest building in sight and jump to see if I could actually catch hold of any of it.

A minute later I realized I had fallen behind the troop and went running ahead, promising myself to come back to this view the next day. The next evening we went through the same road to the market. I stood at the exact same spot to look up at the twinkling stars and the lights. I wished I could sit there all night and try to figure out which one’s a star and which one’s a light. I took out the camera trying to capture what I saw and failed miserably. Below is the proof of the same.

It was our last evening in Dharamshala and we went up the same road to have dinner. I waved goodbye to my gang for the time being and climbed up the terrace of an abandoned house to sit in the darkest spot for hours. A scary scenario otherwise, the view made the spot one of the most beautiful and the most memorable one for me. I stared at the twinkling lights and the stars for hours and sat there in silence breathing the fresh mountain air. The only thought in my mind? Why is it my last evening in this town and when will I get the chance to come back here?

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