About Me

Hi! I’m Jaya, a travel writer, a travel photography enthusiast, an amateur photographer and a hippie at heart. I was born and bought up in Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan, India.

My love for travel dates back to my childhood days. Thanks to my parents and our regular family trips, me and my brother grew up with a knack for traveling. After my undergrad in Biotechnology (that’s right), I decided to pursue my master’s in Life Sciences. I would save money and freelance to travel to all the nearby exotic places. Not long into my master’s, I realized this was not what I see myself doing in the next ten years. Labs and microbes were just not my thing. And that’s when I decided to embark on this journey and created this blog!

My aim is to to make traveling easy for the world and to make you see the world through my words (and my lens).

Meaning of Sabaism:

Right since my childhood, I have always loved stargazing. As a kid, I would lay down on the terrace with my best friend and we would watch the stars for hours without saying a word. My love for stargazing peaked when I visited Ladakh. I stood right in the middle of the road with my hands spread at the sky hoping I would catch one or two stars in my hand (because they looked that close).

          Sabaism means “The Worship of Stars”


Something, I do almost every day!

So join me as I explore this astonishing world and try to make you do the same through my words.