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Where the sea ends

On our way to Munnar from Kanyakumari, we stopped at the town of Poovar in Kerala. The backwaters of this place are well known and we really wanted to see what the buzz was all about. After hours of driving and arranging for numbers and cheap houseboats or Shikaras, we decided on one- King Fisher Boat Club.

On reaching the location, we met Mr. Robert who introduced us to our guide/ driver of the day. The lad guided us through the entire journey. He understood our love for photography and even stopped the boat for photography of some exotic, migratory birds.


A Water Crow
A Migratory Bird

The backwaters at Poovar are at its rawest version. There are trees canopy-ing some parts of the backwaters and it made us feel like we had transported to a far-away, magical place. The water reflected the green trees above and looked entirely green because of that. There were millions of crab nests in the soil that went along the backwaters. That made us ask our guide about the fishes and crabs available here. He showed us a freshwater crab at a restaurant which was kept inside a bucket, tied.

Our first stop was the golden beach and the elephant rock. As the name suggests, elephant rock is basically a huge rock on the shore which is in the shape of an elephant, naturally. Right before we stopped for the beach, he showed us the line where the fresh water (or backwater) meets the ocean. It was kind of unbelievable to see how the two water bodies did not meet and that the fresh water pushed against the sea water and did not let it cross it. The sea literally ENDED there.

The place where fresh water meets the sea
The Elephant Rock


Golden Beach


The golden beach was a small island with the backwater at one side and the ocean at the other. After chilling at the beach for a bit and a refreshing coconut water, we left for the next stop in our boat- Poovar Island Church. As the church was closed that day, we moved on further on our way back to the land

Poovar Island Church

The ride ended at the point where we started. We got off and saw Mr. Das- the owner of the King Fisher Boat Club. He gave us a tour of the guest house present right along the backwater and picked a huge Jackfruit from his garden for us. After a chat with this delightful man and having a huge jackfruit, we left for Munnar with a new perspective, cherishable memories and a huge piece of jackfruit in the backseat.

With the delightful young man- Mr. Das

I highly recommend this Boat Club and Home Stay for anyone visiting the Poovar backwaters. Contact Mr. Das at 09495999565 or Mr. Robert at 09495999567. You can also leave them a mail at

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