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Sunrise at the end of the world

8 August 2018,



I stood there and a conch blew at a distance. I saw the horizon and the most breathtaking view of my life. The sun rose and visibly moved above the sea in the next 5 minutes, like a ball of fire. There was no land in sight for miles which made it look like the end of the world (even though its only the end of India). The view that eminently made me feel how ravishing earth is and how wonderful it is for us humans to actually come into existence. The exact amount and quality of gases and nutrients and elements and whatnots that was required for life to begin anywhere actually came together and bought us into existence after millions of years of evolution. And then I looked around and realized how much for granted is life taken from all of us.

After a morning full of enlightenment, and a typical South Indian filter coffee (read caafeee), I decided to get some sleep. We spent the rest of the day roaming around the beautiful 1,684 square km coastal city, in the sun. Following the google maps, we reached the “Kanyakumari Beach”. Contrary to what the name suggests, the beach is not the main beach of the city. Instead, it is a dirty beach where the sewage water from the slums meets the ocean. The same place also serves as a place for fishermen’s boats. The way to the beach was through the typical lanes of Kanyakumari with colorful walls and tiny houses.

After a tiring day of roaming around, we left to watch the sunset which was a few kilometers away from the city. Sadly, the cloudy skies sheathed the sunset but, the fish fry at dinner made up for it!

All’s well that ends well, isn’t it?

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